SOLPAKA is more than a meme. It's the best community on Solana!

SOLPAKA has one of the best and friendliest communities on Solana! And they are not infected by Degenitus.
Get Solpaka. Chill with Solpaka. Join the best community. Explore new opportunities & grow fleece.

πŸ”“ Liquidity LOCKED!

πŸ’ͺ​ Solid community!

πŸ™ No rugs!

πŸ”₯​ Long-term approach!

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More Than Just A Meme

We are changing the narrative

SOLPAKA is a community-driven token aiming to build a strong and vibrant community in the Solana ecosystem. SOLPAKA is a meme coin but it does not stop it from being one of the most loved and admired tokens on Solana. SOLPAKA aims to build a strong foundation of open-minded people and continue building and investing in new, long-term projects.

Solpaka Token Information

πŸ“œ Contract address: BDHqX9YfJE3M6caox3obUX5YpWHz2cjnGFiZJtRghdCo

πŸ”“β€‹ Liquidity locked tx: 3C7N4aWjWHchp1nCBnYfkPBg4EYzsb4bSFyPFnYw2Ke3W9iFr8htyKV8Wzqre1iC4XD4ePFb8hopw3x3fo8ZWHwW

πŸ“’β€‹ Community donations: CXKRjZd1G5HAn3h3YpwoMsaAFLc3GNPexEUG64W69eKf

Solpaka community members can donate to this wallet and help the project grow. Donations will be used to fund marketing efforts and potential CEX listings. Donations are not mandatory.

Farm Tokenomics

Solpakas are free to roam on the farm but here are more details about the token.

Total supply: 696,904,200

That's a lot of tokens to get and just grow fleece. And of course, for long-term development.

Team & marketing: 139,380,840 (20%, vested)

Vesting ends on April 15, 2024. Team & marketing funds are used to fund development, staff, research, and marketing expenses.

Early seed: 209,071,260 (30%, vested)

Vesting ended on March 20, 2024. Early seed Solpakians raised over $3,000 for the initial liquidity pool. Additional funds were used to kickstart marketing.

Liquidity pool: 348,452,100 (50%)

Rest of the Solpaka tokens went into the liquidity pool. The liquidity pool is locked and cannot be pulled out. Rug-proof.

solpaka pumping

OG Solpaka NFT Collection

These NFTs were created to help Solpaka grow and expand its farm. NFT holders will support the project's growth which will have a positive impact on their Solpaka tokens.

NFT Utilities:

πŸ”₯​ Solpaka token buybacks.

Burn 80-90% of bought back tokens and airdrop the rest to NFT holders.

πŸ’°β€‹ Marketing funds.

NFT holders will directly aid Solpaka in their marketing campaigns. The same funds can be used to speed up the listing process on CEXs.

πŸšͺ​ Members-only access.

Solpaka farm is set to expand and open new doors for its members. NFT holders will get access to the new community hubs, VC hubs, alpha groups, and even early access into new projects.

πŸ’‰β€‹ ​Liquidity pool injections.

Solpaka started with a shallow liquidity pool. The price gets all over the place from a few disgruntled whales. The funds from NFTs will be used to inject some money into the liquidity pool.

The Degen Farm 🌾

The Degen Farm is a Solpaka product similar to a managed launchpad. Degen Farm aims to release farm-related projects that fit the narrative and are meant to leverage the current hype wave in the market.

Degen Farm Utilities:

πŸšͺ Early access (OG Solpaka NFT holders)

OG Solpaka NFT holders will get early access to degen farm projects. This also means that degen farm projects will launch with an already established user base.

πŸ”₯​ Solpaka token buybacks.

Successful degen farm projects will be used to buyback Solpaka tokens and burn them. This ensures Solpaka supply gets reduced, increasing the scarcity of the token.

πŸ’°β€‹ Marketing funds.

Successful degen farm projects will be used to fund marketing campaigns for the Solpaka project and farm-related projects, including branding, partnerships, collaborations, and potential CEX listings.

πŸ’‰β€‹ ​Liquidity pool injections.

Successful degen farm projects will be used to strengthen the liquidity pool of Solpaka by injecting additional funds.

Ride the wave while it lasts. All degen farm projects will have to adhere to πŸ”“ 100% locked liquidity, πŸ™ no rugs, and a πŸ’ͺ solid community foundation. Leverage the hype and token lifecycles.

degen farm cover

Solpakian Roadmap

This roadmap is preliminary. Some things may change based on community sentiment, market conditions, and available resources.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know in our Discord, Telegram, or Reddit.

We want to emphasize that this is a long-term outlook so don't expect to see massive changes in just 24 hours from reading this.


Q1 has already passed. Solpaka launched in Q1 - March 15.


  • Establish brand identity
  • Social media activity (organic marketing)
  • TikTok
  • Spaces
  • YouTube?
  • Partnership with a community/project (1)
  • Community growth to +1,500 members
  • Add more value to NFTs (news, articles, alpha, etc)
  • Research and validate viable utilities (Will announce a proposal)


  • CEX?
  • Additional community/project partnerships (2-4)
  • Onboard/advise a project on the farm
  • Established brand identity (people know us)
  • Begin utility development (dApp or game)
  • Community growth to +2,000 members


  • CEX?
  • Release first MVP of the utility (dApp or game)
  • Community growth to +3,000 members
  • Research intro to RWA

Solpaka vision - A strong, vibrant community foundation bringing new opportunities and partnerships in the Web3 space.
Solpaka mission - Become one of the most admired and sought-after communities in the Web3 space.
Solpaka values - Fun, community, transparency, learning, experimentation, and authority.

Imagine a place where you can find like-minded people, share your ideas, find new opportunities, use utilities, and help other projects grow. This is the vision of Solpaka - one big farm filled with tools, talent, and chance.

Solpakian Merch

Coming soon

Yes, you got this right!.
Solpaka merch (hoodies, shirts, mugs, plushies) is about to drop. Only a few moments and you will be able to show your support by wearing the cutest Solana mascot there is.

Wear Solpaka merch. Be a Solpakian. Chill with Solpaka. Grow fleece.

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Solpaka. Chill and grow fleece.

This cryptocurrency (SOLPAKA) was created solely for entertainment purposes and should not be considered as a form of investment advice.The project team does not guarantee any returns, and individuals who choose to invest in this cryptocurrency do so at their own risk. The project holds no responsibility for any financial losses incurred as a result of investing in or trading this cryptocurrency. Users are encouraged to conduct thorough research and consult with financial professionals before making any investment decisions.