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The Degen Farm Projects

Explore the projects launched on The Degen Farm. These farm projects are related to the Solpaka Farm - a set of assets to help Solpaka grow and develop its ecosystem.

Disclaimer: None of these projects are financial advice. The team does not guarantee any financial gains. These projects are created for entertainment purposes only. The Degen Farm projects are high-risk, please do your own due dilligence.

mordy project


Launch date: 2024-04-03 Live

What is The Degen Farm?

The Degen Farm is a Solpaka product similar to managed launchapds. The goal of The Degen Farm is to leverage the current meme-token hype wave, launch farm-related tokens that fit the Solpaka Farm narrative, and provide early access to the OG Solpaka NFT holders.

Solpaka aims to allow users to ride the wave without the risks of these projects rugging and with a lowered risk of dumps. All degen farm projects will have to adhere to the 🔓 100% locked liquidity, 🙏 no rugs, and a 💪 solid community foundation.

Solpaka will ride the wave together with its community and use the profits to strengthen the ecosystem by doing token buybacks, token burns, funding marketing, branding, development, staff, and a potential CEX listing.

Leverage the hype and token lifecycles.

Want to enjoy the OG benefits?

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Get access to the Inner Circle (OG NFT exlusive group) on Discord and get early access to projects and alpha announcements!

To get access to the Inner Circle Discord community you will need to mint the OG Solpaka NFT, head over to our Discord server, and verify your NFT.

It's as easy as growing fleece!

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Solpaka. Chill and grow fleece.

This cryptocurrency (SOLPAKA) was created solely for entertainment purposes and should not be considered as a form of investment advice.The project team does not guarantee any returns, and individuals who choose to invest in this cryptocurrency do so at their own risk. The project holds no responsibility for any financial losses incurred as a result of investing in or trading this cryptocurrency. Users are encouraged to conduct thorough research and consult with financial professionals before making any investment decisions.